Tunnel 57 the immersive experience follows the remarkable true story of a tunnel dug by students under the Berlin wall into East Germany in 1962.


This is a theatre show that puts the audience right at the heart of the action as audience members watch the story unfold in the tunnel alongside the diggers. As they work together memories are shared and truths revealed, but paranoia spreads as the tunnel nears completion and with so much at stake who exactly can be trusted.


1962 Berlin.

The iron curtain is drawn, a concrete wall erected, East and West divided.


The shadow of war still looms over the Socialist East. Food is scarce; paranoia runs deep and Stasi patrol the streets.


But 30 feet under the ground, someone is digging…

Tunnel 57 Experience 

Tunnel 57 is staged across a site specific location. 

Underground, you will join ever the students leading the dig for freedom, or the head Stasi Officer who will inform you on the current situation and enrol you as an informer.


Six actors english and german speaking will enabling us to produce the show in two languages.

A historically accurate theatrical experience that aims to recognise, respect and bring to life this moment in history.

Technical Overview 

Languages in English and German.

Duration 1 hour 15 mins.

6 actors, 2 crew members. 

Three weeks rehearsal. 

Shows per day 3 / 5 days a week.

Suitable audience size 50

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