About the show

The remarkable true story of the worlds greatest inventor Nikola Tesla.


1889: Two inventors battle for the greatest accolade of the age- to illuminate New York City with electronic light: Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.  


1943- On the eve of his death, penniless and suffering from his deteriorating mental heath Tesla is visited by his estranged assistant. Recounting his remarkable life, the dying man offers her his legacy - to finally fill the sky with electricity


Traveling between his final days and the greatest scientific battle of the 19th century this irreverent and illuminating new piece uses physical theatre, dynamic staging, puppetry and live music to explore the cost of true genius in ever growing capitalist society.   


Sights & Sounds

Technical Specifications

Running time | 1 hour 20 No interval.

Audience | Targeted at a young audience making science engaging. Suitable for 11 +.
Touring company |

Cast size 8, Musician on keys 1

Crew | Stage manager 1 , Operators 2.

Luton Van load. 1 Full day Tech/ Dress.
All items can load through a normal sized door.


Writer & Director | Luke Clarke 

Composer / Musical Director | Anthony Kosky 

Movement Director | Jessica tucker Boyd

Lighting Designer | Jessica Hung Han Yun

Production Manager / Sound Design | Tim Boyd

Sound Design | Chris Prosho

Educational Workshops

We want this production to inspire each pupil to explore their own creativity. We run workshops that explore the themes of the show while providing students with the tools they need to create their own work. Our workshops can be tailored to meet specific criteria for students but usually explore devising, improvisation and creating live music. They are interactive, lively and accessible for any student regardless of performance experience. 

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