A Resident Theatre Company is the term we use to best describe our overall service, the company goes beyond a supplier for events whilst still collaborating as a freelance company as and when the organisation needs us. We work alongside an organisation to specifically enhance their public engagement in a number of different ways. Listed below are some of the services we provide, but all can be tailored to meet a specific need.


1. Historical Characters

Our Actors will become historical figures with costumes, accents and throughly researched. They can be used in many different ways to interact with guests. We hold Q&A sessions with schools, put on small performances or free flow through a space creating their own interactions.


2. Installations 

We can create many different theatrical installations that are based in one location but increase interaction with guests. We re-create paintings with actors who can pose or move and speak as required. We can transform a space into a snapshot from history that the audience can walk through and interact with. 


3. Immersive Theatre

We create a show that places our audience right at the heart of the action. They are taken on a journey into the past and often as the story unfolds each of them plays a small part in the show. These performances tend to be site specific locations but can be performed in museums and cultural organisations.


4. Theatre and Events

We produce a range of events from live music, parties, grand openings and season launches all themed to the organisations needs and with plenty of theatrical impact. We also do full length shows in buildings not normally used for theatre. 


5. Workshops

Our workshops are always linked with the project we are working on at your venue. We offer a range of Performance based workshops as well as subject based ones, these can be with the public, private clubs or community groups that you have a relationship with. We have a large portfolio of workshop practitioners and we are able to present a number of suitable leaders depending on the project or workshop. For example we recently worked with C Three a centre for adults with learning difficulties, on feminist empowerment themes surrounding a new musical we developed at the National Maritime Museum.

During a free consultation we look to understand your needs and explain the budget requirements of the different services, letting you know if the service that can be part funded by us and the ones we ask a straight fee for. 

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