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Written and Performed by Janet Etuk

Coconut Definition: 

Offensive slang terminology that's used to describe a black person who 'acts white'. Brown on the outside and white on the inside.


These pieces started life as separate plays, but upon reflection, each of them revealed an unplanned thread; every story addressed internal and societal cultural conflict. This is echoed in each piece with the word coconut (or the ideas behind it) hanging in the air. 


Kim 2.0

‘I can’t wind…I can’t grind…I can’t do nuffin’ that they're doin!’ Obeying the rules of galdem to survive her sexually frustrated teenage life, Kim finally finds something she can do. Act how mandem do.'

A one woman comedy show about a teenager struggling with her culture’s rules of femininity in an all-girls secondary school.  

Mkpa Mbiet (Dead Grass)

Conflicted and curious young poet Tia, uncovers her family ties with the Nigerian Civil War; and discovers the reasons behind her neglected heritage and the effect the war still has on her family.

The story is inspired by personal accounts of the conflict.

2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Nigerian civil war, also known as the Biafra War.

Coconut Sh!t

Coconut Sh!t is a collection of standalone monologues created for The Coconut Series. The first monologue, My Tracks, is a semi-autobiographical piece that addresses the politics of a young, black woman in South-London through the medium of music.

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Episodes narrated by Emma-Jane Hinds